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NPR Headquarters


National Public Radio


Washington D.C.


The new NPR headquarters transformed a historic warehouse into a sustainable 330,000 SF office building located in a business improvement district in Washington, D.C. A large team came together to design this cutting edge facility; Bloomfield & Associates Architects designed the 25 studio spaces.

The studios are seen as functional nodes distributed evenly throughout production areas. The NPR staff, previously in 3 different locations, are now able to more effectively communicate with each other so they can better communicate with approximately 26.4 million people each week.

Maintaining the NPR sound was an early design directive. Virtually every surface is tunable through the use of absorptive, reflective and diffusive panels.


Studio One is a space of approximately 3000 SF that is capable of accommodating 260 people for live performances and events. An acoustic divider wall and retractable seats allow flexibility for lectures, performances and conferences.


Carefully detailed acoustic surfaces and lighting gives this space the qualities of a studio whether small scale signature programs, concerts or election coverage.

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