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Established in 1983 and located in Philadelphia, Bloomfield & Associates is a medium sized, multi-discipline architectural firm. Our national reputation is built with a strong belief that local ideas can and should be integral to the design process. We have been successful in showing that a thoughtful designer can protect the integrity of a project while adhering to environmental issues, listening to the concerns of the community, and meeting the client's bottom line.

With a wide diversity of budget, scale, and locale, the firm's projects are known to be at the forefront of technology and community planning. While underlying themes of innovation, spatial communication, and energy efficiency apply to all our projects, each one is deliberately unique. Distinction comes from particular methods of listening to the client, our organizational approach, application of new technologies, and thoughtful resolutions to specific needs.

Buildings have always been a proving ground for technology. Our clients hire us initially because we are knowledgeable about the latest equipment, sustainable materials, systems, and practices that are necessary for their facility. They return because of our effective service and evident record of delivering facilities that exceed expectations well into the future.

In a far less public way, the office has been involved in a variety of development projects as owner-architects. We have regularly bought and converted historic buildings and built in-fill housing in Center City Philadelphia.



We believe our projects serve our clients in many ways, starting with how they function and energize the community of users. All built projects have a responsibility to the population at large. We are convinced that the end-user can and should be part of the design process and we are particularly good at approaching projects in an informed manner without preconceived ideas. Good clients make good architecture, and good designers are able to listen and digest a broad variety of concerns. Good buildings sit thoughtfully within their contexts. This approach serves us as a design methodology and marketing tool.



Preliminary Design
Feasibility Study
Urban Planning
"Green" Facility Planning
Facility Operational Cost Assessment
Real Estate Consulting
Programming (Space Use Analysis)
User Experience Evaluation
Long Range Planning

Schematic Design
Selected Program Design Services
Space Planning & Test fit
Forensic Evaluation
Historic Renovation
Building Damage Remediation

Design Development
Acoustic Design
Environmental Consulting
Technology Coordination
Budget Development
Product Evaluation
Schedule Development
Multi-Client Project Management


Construction Documentation
Custom Fixture Design
Technology Integration
High Performance Detailing
Cost Estimation
Specification Services

Bid Evaluation
Alternate and Add/Deduct Proposal
Value Engineering
Price and Contract Negotiation

Construction Administration
Submittal Review
Construction Observation/Evaluation
Project Management

Post Construction Services

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