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Entercom Communications Corporation


Dayton, OH


This historic manufacturing facility is the last remaining building of what used to be a campus for the NCR Corporation. The project included a careful 15,000 SF addition, along with a 100,000 SF renovation to the existing structure. The new studio addition, while clearly different in style, respects the historic context in siting, massing, scale and materials.

This facility is seen by Cox as a prototype for consolidated/ multi-platform media facilities as it accommodates the region's top professionals in the newspaper, television, radio, and internet industries. The facility successfully allows each entity to benefit from the technologies and resources available by cohabitation while maintaining each entity's separate needs and identities.

Broadcast facilities are, by their very nature, heavy consumers of energy and the design of this facility addresses that issue head-on. For example, the green roof developed on the studio addition, faces the road and is part of the iconography of the facility. Less evident is the reduction of energy consumption by using room (studio) specific cooling systems, high impact insulations, careful reuse of existing rooms when possible and thoughtful consideration of material disposal during demolition.

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